• Melinda Powell

The Hidden Lives of Dreams

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The Hidden Lives of Dreams brings together the art and science of dreaming, including lucid dreaming, for therapeutic benefit and psycho-spiritual development, both within dreams and in waking life. The book explores the role of light, colour, space, healing presence, and lucidity in dreams, dispels common misconceptions about dreams and addresses the fear of nightmares. Using case examples and sample dreams, I show how to draw on our dreams as a source of guidance and inspiration, to enhance our wellbeing and to discover a healthier, balanced approach to life and the challenges that face us individually and collectively.

Due to the global pandemic, I have also been invited to talk and write about ‘pandemic dreams’. Rather than seeing such dreams as merely symptoms of distress, I view them as offering us a way forward for addressing what ails us, individually and collectively. Acknowledging the feelings aroused by pandemic dreams, and working with them therapeutically, has the power to harness the emotional energy that can help bring healing to the human heart.

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